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Funding for EBRAINS 2.0

Jan 2024: We will contribute to the EBRAINS platform (European Brain Research Infrastructures) which has received €38 million by the European Commission for the EBRAINS 2.0 funding period (2024-26). 

EBRAINS develops tools and services to widely serve research communities in neurosciences, brain medicine, and brain-inspired technologies. It is an open research infrastructure that offers an extensive range of brain data sets, a multilevel brain atlas, modelling and simulation tools, and access to high-performance computing resources and robotics and neuromorphic platforms to researchers.

The project involves 59 partner institutions from 16 European countries. The lab of Valentin, together with colleagues from Vienna, Copenhagen, and Padua will contribute multimodal (PET/MRI/EEG) imaging data of the human brain.