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Spreading our lab's work at conferences

Nov 2023: Throughout this year,  the lab was present at different venues with highly interdisciplinary topics

  • Invited talk for Roman Belenya: Metabolic Connectivity Mapping across the entire human brain
    (OHBM, Canada) 
  • Invited talk for André Hechler: The energetic footprint of predictive processing in the human brain
    (TeaP Conference of Experimental Psychologists, Germany) 
  • Antonia Bose: Quantifying Cerebral Energy Metabolism Under Varying Levels of Systemic Glucose Availability
    (OHBM, Canada)
  • Laura Fraticelli: Neuroenergetic Gene Networks in the Human Brain
    (IBRO, Spain)
  • Katarzyna Kurcyus: fMRS Symposium
    (Bangor, UK)

Roman in the "BIG" auditorium at OHBM