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My science documentary film LOST IN FACE was finally hitting German cinemas

Sept 2021: After a year where film festivals were possible only online, LOST IN FACE finally hit German cinemas with real screenings in person! The protagonist of my film, Carlotta, and me had a phantastic cinema tour with lots of audience discussions. We were supported by several colleagues and experts on the panel to explain how the brain perceives the world and particularly faces. Carlotta can't recognise faces (prosopagnosia, "face blindness") but has developed a creative way of haptic self portraits that let her finally recognize herself. 

I am greatful to most interesting discussions with the audience and with colleagues from neuropsychology, genetics, neurology, psychiatry, and neuroscience, particularly Profs. Ingo Kennerknecht (Münster), Cornelia McCormick (DZNE, Bonn), Boris Suchan (Bochum), Ariel Schönfeld (Magdeburg), Rainer Schwarting & Lars Timmermann (Marburg), Ingrid Ehrlich (Stuttgart), and Kristina Hennig-Fast (Bielefeld).